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Studio 4, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, presents the thematic group exhibition Like New!, curated by Andreas Fakis within the framework of Public Art Festival: Multiformity.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Vasilis Markosian, Argyris Saraslanides & Simoni Fontana, Cacao Rocks, Franco Fasoli (AR) and Anthony Lister (AU) are participating with new art pieces.

The exhibition Like New! focuses on the manner we perceive —and subsequently characterize— material objects of various forms, which we either come across, or which we choose to surround us. Objects which were, or continue to be unknown or familiar, distinct or subtle, old or new.

The five artists and the artist duo have established their presence in public space and create pieces of art that incorporate elements which seem familiar by art movements that were established in the beginning of the twentieth century, such as cubism, surrealism and abstract art.

The exhibition Like New! aims to create a dialogue, by posing queries both about what can be rightly perceived as “new”, as well as about the criteria that can lead us to such an evaluation.

Benaki Museum • Opening: Saturday 27/9, 20.00 – 22.00 • (Admission Free ) • Duration: Sunday 28/9 – Sunday 26/10 • Pireos 138, Athens 118 54 • • Admission: 5€ / 2.5€ (Joint ticket for the exhibitions Like New! and Μore or Less)