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Studio 4, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, presents the thematic group exhibition More or Less, curated by Andreas Fakis within the framework of Public Art Festival:Multiformity.

Greg Papagrigoriou, Paris Koutsikos, D!, SNRS, L’Atlas (FR) and John Fekner (US) are participating, with new art pieces.

The exhibition More or Less examines the nature of the six artists’ work, aiming to highlight their common characteristics and, alongside, to provide adequate emphasis on their diverse aesthetic dimension.

The artists act in public space, creating sometimes minimal and at times prolific typographic compositions, which refer to handmade signs, typographic forms with graffiti origins and also to calligraphy, with influences from the Middle East. The urban element in the work of the six artists —which does not fall into a spatial context— manages to coexist with the contemporary orientation, which is dominant.

Through the contrast of the works on every possible level, the exhibition More or Less poses queries that concern the reading, or the possible readings of the art pieces by the viewer.

Benaki Museum • Opening: Saturday 27/9, 20.00 – 22.00 • (Admission Free ) • Duration: Sunday 28/9 – Sunday 26/10 • Pireos 138, Athens 118 54 • • Admission: 5€ / 2.5€ (Joint ticket for the exhibitions More or Less and Like New!)