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Studio 4, in collaboration with the Administration of School Buildings of the Municipality of Athens, presents the Mural Programme Open Gallery, curated by Andreas Fakis within the framework of Public Art Festival: Multiformity.

The Open Gallery programme pursues the incorporation of public art in the urban environment, the creation of social interest, the upgrade of “the building” and therefore of the civil landscape and the preservation of new or current murals and specific graffiti pieces.

The Open Gallery programme opens simultaneously with the 1st Public Art Festival and will continue to run within it and independently. Participants: ATH1281, Raiden, D!

ATH1281 Mural • Soultani 3, Athens 106 82 (Exarcheia) Friday 3/10
Graffiti Maintenance “Barns” (Raiden) • Riga Palamidou 2, Athens 105 54, Saturday 18/10
Graffiti Maintenance “Barns” (Raiden) • Epikourou 12, Athens 105 53, Saturday 18/10
D! Mural • Ifestou 1, Athens 163 45 (Ilioupoli) Thursday 30/10
SNRS Mural • Agias Theklas 14, Athens 105 54, Friday 31/10